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Patagonia Lake Blue

  • The design of this painted paddle represents the blue waters of the "Chelenko" lake, meaning troubled waters in one of the Tehuelche languages. This Patagonian lake is traditionally known as "General Carrera" lake at its chilean side and "Buenos Aires" lake at its Argentinean side. Each piece is manufactured from fallen trees, among which the Lingue, Mañio, Raulí and Radal stand out.

    Handmade and handpainted

    • Wood: Lingue, Mañio, Raulí or Radal

    • Packaging made of cotton (50 cm paddle) or high density cardboard (120-175 cm paddle)

    • One Leather Hanger for 120 cm Paddles, two Leather hangers for 175 cm Paddles

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